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October 23, 2007

My Dear Creatives,



Well I am headed back from Seattle today. My trip was very successful and a lot of fun. I connected with so many people I had never met in person before and reconnected with others whom I know well. One of the reasons the trip was a success though was due to the way my trip started from the moment I landed.


My cousin who is an officer in the Marines ( and who has done THREE tours of duty in this war), his wife and their baby met me at the airport. I’ve been to Seattle before but what was wonderful this time was to have family waiting at the gate. I had not met Diane or the baby before, so the day was especially thrilling for me.


After checking into the hotel, we proceeded to a very nice restaurant for dinner. We so enjoyed chatting about everything from childhood memories to current accomplishments to plans for the future.  I learned that there may even be a little brother or sister in the works for the little man!


I used to think that life was a linear thing-it had a beginning and eventually an end. Spending time with the grown man that is my cousin, recalling that I knew him before he was born and then to see him interact with his own family has taught me that life is actually not a line at all.


I know now that it is a thing more remarkable that begins and then eventually returns-full circle, if you will.


I love the circles that make up our lives.  Don't you?



Best and Keep Shining,



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