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Artist In Residence 2009


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Alison Watt Jackson is an artist, photographer, silk painter, writer, poet, vegetarian, certified massage therapist, intuitive, part time clinician, and volunteer with The Marine Mammal Center.

From her mesmerizing large abstract paintings that display vibrant silk dyes to the soft muted hues of her flowing silk scarves - AWJ’s pieces are as diverse as the world they inhabit. Fine art abstract, documentary, and still life best exemplify her photography themes, yet she is forever experimenting with new techniques and subject matter.

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""Sand Waves"  



"Shell House"

Photos From Africa

"As I close my eyes and fall asleep, it seems almost too quiet now that I am home. Suddenly the streets seem so empty. I yearn for the pleasing musical Swahili dialects of my friends I have grown accustomed to hearing before sleep comes and their jovial sounds of delight that drift through the night air from the tents and beyond the clouds.
While trekking and summiting Kilimanjaro was an experience and thrill of a lifetime, I had no idea it would be the African people I would fall in love with. I yearn to return someday soon and make a vow to do so. Asante to the people of Africa. Hakuna matata."

Lobelia, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa, 2009

Women of the Earth (Shell Beach California, 2008). 

The goal of this portfolio is to emphasize the synchronicity that inherently exists between women, nature and the world, using shape, form, beauty and light to express this symbiotic relationship. Unlike many traditional displays of female nudes, my intention is not to exploit or exaggerate the body.

Most all objects that were selected and photographed in the series have some personal significance and I often use images taken from my garden. As both the photographer and subject in my new portfolio, I find myself simultaneously in an exciting creative era exploring uncharted territory. Artistically speaking it is a rewarding opportunity to express myself in the “first person,” as a woman who is one with the earth.

 "The Garden Within"










                                                          "My Special Place"

Not Tucked Away (Southeast Asia, 2006). What struck me immediately about Southeast Asia is unlike North America, not all the people are tucked away. On any given day whether you find yourself in the city or country, you're surrounded by people constantly interacting and socializing with each other. It strikes me as ironic that perhaps people like myself from urbanized, modern cultures may be craving the same kind of connection when we tuck ourselves away and engage in activities such as watching reality television.




Color Portfolio (2008).  Nowadays with digital photography, it is rare for me to find an image of mine I prefer in color as opposed to my beloved black and white.  There are a few photographs however that just has to be seen in color for obvious reasons.  I strive to find things to document that have meaning to me, or that may otherwise go unnoticed, thus sometimes creating a beautiful thing out of something rather ordinary.  Sometimes a photograph may happen as I am walking down the street, and other times it is an idea that has been in my subconscious for quite some time but comes to fruition at just the right moment.  That is why it is so important for me to simultaneously pay attention to my world and my own creative instincts.




Land of Sun, Sand and Earthquakes (California, 2008). I see my world different now. I notice things I had never truly seen before. These days I rarely go anywhere without my camera. I constantly view my surroundings as a painting or a photograph waiting to be acknowledged and then creatively expressed. Connecting with my environment and the creative cathartic process that ensues is as essential to my health as the air I breathe. I will never look at my world the same again, and that is a very good thing.





Switzerland (2007).  Switzerland is a land of beauty, bounty, efficiency, and precision.  As a close my eyes I can still smell the aromatic breads, see the fresh vegetables, taste the fresh made cheeses in the farmer’s markets in the town square, and hear the cow bells ringing as they graze along the emerald mountain sides.  Everyone there looks so fit, and even their senior citizens are a common site to be seen taking the trams and hiking along the Alps on a daily basis. Being active in Switzerland is a part of life. I don’t think I experienced one late train while traveling in Switzerland!



Zug Alley - 5/2007
This image was taken while walking the side streets of Zug,Switzerland. 
I saw an entrance to an  alley way which naturally made me curious to know 
where it lead.
As I walked into the alley and saw the stairway ahead of me leading
to an old church, I was immediately fascinated by the bright light shining
in the stairwell  and through the side windows.It was in the middle of the
day and no one was anywhere to be seen - and it was a gift to walk down
this alley and just to watch the glow.  
What also caught my eye were the angles and geometric patterns,
inherently I have always been drawn to triangles and angular patterns.


Rice Field Irrigation - 1/05

I was traveling with three friends to Southeast Asia for a month and

happened to be in Northern Vietnam when I took this photograph.


Much like California, many of the agricultural fields (in this case rice fields)

are located next to main industrial roads. I was amazed by the timing and

skill of these two individuals and couldn't begin to imagine their task at hand.


I was also mesmerized by their reflections.


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