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Friend of Years


Jameela James

I keep it in a box.
Your old telephone number
that I wrote down in 2004
in the back seat of your car.
I tell myself it wasn’t so long ago.

It wasn’t so long ago, that we spoke
and laughed into the night.
Once in a while,
I dial the number.

It always says the same thing.
This is no longer a working number.
I always hope that it will work someday.
It never does.

So I will send you messages on facebook,
await your answer.
Send one again,
await your answer.

Friends since we were girls with pig tails.
Do you remember the socks with red and blue pom poms?
When I used to borrow your Mom’s dresses for church.
I miss your hello and goodbye that always felt real.

I am the same.
Only a cloth over my head.
Dear friend,
I miss you.

Jameela James is a debuting poet finishing an MFA in Creative Writing at National University of California. James is a South West Asia veteran.



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