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Jan Green


Have you read my book?  No?  You didn’t know that I had a book?  Well, I do – the problem is it is still in my head.  Oh yes, I have the entire theme for the book, and it is even outlined – chapter by chapter – but nothing is written down.  I’ll get to it one of these days.  I’m waiting for the right time to actually sit down and write it.    It will be a great book, when I finally put pen to paper.  I have told a few friends about the book and they say it (and I) have great potential.  This is very exciting. 

If you want to know where you can buy my book, it will be available on my website.  What’s the address to my website?  Well – that is a tough question because it doesn’t actually exist yet.  I can’t really have my website before my book, so I am waiting until I get my book finished before I create the website. 

This business that I have is really something. What business you ask? Well, it is the one I dream about in my head.  I will sell products that people can purchase on line and it will be a booming business.  What’s the name of my company? Well, I have bounced around a few names but don’t feel comfortable finalizing it until my book is finished and I have more time to devote to the business.  I’m waiting for just the right time. 

While I have been waiting for the right time…

My children have grown up and turned into fine young adults

We have lost both sets of grandparents

My father passed away

I have had a few unfulfilling and a couple of good jobs in the span of 15 years

It’s too bad my Dad isn’t here. My father always had such big plans, he would have been so proud of me – but unfortunately his life was cut short by illness.  He was waiting to get better before he started to make his dream a reality.  It’s such a shame when people do that!   


Jan Green Shares...

JAN GREEN is  married and the mother of two handsome young men who constantly inspire her.  She loves the outdoors, (especially boating), writing and spending time with family and friends.  Jan is an experienced corporate facilitator who is known for her entertaining training sessions. She researches and writes on a myriad of topics from her Indiana home.

Jan says, "The inspiration for this article came when my good friend asked me to write an article.  I said I don’t know if I have time, I’m pretty busy – perhaps I’ll add it to my 'To Do' list.”