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Three Poems by Jan Hersh

AUTHOR NOTE: Shekhinah (ùëéðä - alternative transliterations Shekinah, Shechinah, Shekina, Shechina, Schechinah) is the English spelling of the word that means the glory or radiance of, or God's presence. It is derived from the Hebrew verb 'sakan' or 'shachan' - to dwell or to reside. The word 'skene' - dwelling - is thought to be derived from 'shekinah' and 'sakan'.) Shekhina refers to extraordinary manifestation of divine spirituality at given times and locations, to the effect that, while Man is in proximity to the Shekhinah, the connection to God is more readily perceivable by Man.




Within, without

There lives a light

A ner tamid

An ember bright

We know this glow

The pale halo

Great painters

Got it right

Shekhinah shines between the lines

Of all our days and nights

So are we blessed 

We manifest

 And host divine delights

Her presence felt

In love connection

We reach ecstatic heights

Plant a garden

In your soul

Let virtue’s beauty

Be your goal

Nature brings elation

Feel purity’s embrace

Gratitude’s ovation

Reflects Shekhinah’s face



Soon Comes the Consequence

the nights and days rush full force

thundering like Victoria Falls
a rumbling avalanche accelerating

the orchestrated opus of never ending
crescendo and decrescendo
of sunrises and sunsets


enthralled with it all
I applaud wildly
then bleed silent tears
into the ebb and flow of time

under the litany of years

Breathe in the heady perfume
exhale the stench of decay!
pray for salvation
seize the day
okay I say
oh, by the way
there's a price to pay...

clutter, confusion, paper piles and debris

tax forms and fax forms and

oh woe is me
please sign on the line
pay the penalty fees

late charges, postage and

all I can see is
day to day
dusk to dusk
dust to dust

set me free





We are sisters of the same womb

Woven at the same loom

Silken sisters

Sired by Love

We are sisters

Molded by the same hands

Like crystal from the same sands

Virgin vessels tempered at the same

hearth Fire

We are sisters

Blooming on the same earth

Seeking out our life's worth

Like flowers

Stretching for the sun

We are sisters

Flowing on the moon tides

Blowing where the wind guides

Winged seeds scattering


now there

We are sisters

dreaming of the old times

Holding fast to heart lines

Soul sisters Sighing


Crying and laughing

Love never dying



Jan Hersh shares...

JAN HERSH is a poet, who teaches children the joy of music.  She tells me that her artistic nature was noted by her parents at an early age when they found her scribbling with pencils and crayons on their walls and favorite books. Poetry allows Jan to express her experience on this beautiful planet.


Motivations? "This first one is based on a paper I read about the divine feminine.  I am drawn to the feminine personification of God.  The poem is an attempt to bring this to the attention of others. Motivation for next one is based on my perception of the acceleration of  time and the frustration I feel about having to spend precious time doing paper work rather than folowing my bliss!” Of the last presented great work she says, "I am blessed with three sisters, an only child mother who is close like a sister, and a good number of close female friends. This poem reflects first the joy of blood sisters and then the universal bond of women as sisters."