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I Am Still


Jimetta Carpenter


I am still,

Standing here in a trance

Caught up in the very essence of you

Mesmerized and hypnotized, left breathless

Thinking of the things that you do.

I am still,

Trying to figure out how it is,

That you do what you do to me

Trying to understand how it is

That you became my hearts destiny.

I am still,

Trying to wrap my mind around how it is

I got so completely hooked on your love

Still trying to understand how I get so lost in your eyes

And in the way we fit together like a hand fits into a glove.

I still manage,

To fall more in love with you

Every single time I see your face

I still feel the chills being sent down my spine

Every time I come within your warm embrace.

I am still,

Wondering how I just knew it was right

And that I loved you  from the very start

Still trying to figure out how it is that you,

Were the one who captured the only key to open my heart.


JIMETTA CARPENTER, who is the editor and creator of the Free Fall Literary E-Zine, has been writing since the age of ten. She says "I've dedicated myself to the power of the words and have given in to my passion for writing!"  She's  self-published two books of poetry  through under the Pen name Gemini. One is titled “The Art of Love” and  the other “Inside a Gemini’s Heart”. 


She is completing her first novel and is already beginning the work on the second. Looking forward to having a very long and rewarding career in writing, what's her advice to other up and coming authors? "NEVER stop believing in your dreams and don’t ever be afraid to dream big."


 "My first and only true love is the motivation behind this work," she adds.


Jimmetta can be contacted at or  Her links are,, and