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J.D. Roa


It is reported that an unknown

Entity has taken shelter in the remote regions of

Foothill, away from human


Some say he is an extraterrestrial from Mercury,

Others, a chupacabra, but most lean toward the

Former after citing incidences of his bioluminescence;

Domesticated pets and household items have

Mysteriously vani—

Mommy, maybe it’s Daddy!

Sweetheart, don’t yell while Mommy is

Reading the National Inquirer—look, sweetheart,

Here’s an ad—wouldn’t a smaller apartment be

Nice for the two of us?



J.D. ROAH shares...

J.D. ROA  is a diminutive, thick-eyebrowed creative writing major living in the pipelines of Pasadena City College, and aspires to transfer to a local California University by Fall of 2007 as well as publish a few short stories.  Is currently working on self-publishing a book of short stories entitled A Strong, Windless Place in the Sky and Other Short Stories, and loves reading, writing, reading about writing, writing about writing, and chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips.  Visit J.D. Roa’s online journal—all about writing—at! The motivation for this piece remains a secret for now...