The Shine Journal - The Light Left Behind

Journeys Through Grief and Beyond




Beautiful Girl




John Scott



 Remember, girl, we used to

 walk downtown to see the sights

 but of all the wonderful sights there were

 all I remember seeing was you.


 Now when I see you walking

 hand in hand with someone else

 I feel the world is closing down.

 Sunlight is fading on the earth.

 The world is closing down.


 I texted you a message the other day

 about talking it over one more time

 but I know I'll never hear from you again

 so I'm putting some space between us now.


 You and I won't matter anymore

 because the sun is setting on the earth.

 The world is closing down.


 I'll be half the stretch of the earth away

 and I'll see this town and you no more

 but I'll never forget the beautiful girl

 who turned the lights out one by one.


 Beautiful girl, you broke my heart


 and closed the whole world down.




John Scott says,"At 92 years of life, I still feel overpowered at the miracle of being alive. Some of my poems appeared on the previous Shine Journal"


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