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Joseph R. Sargent


They’re fighting again. Tonight is a little worse than most. He’s already hit her more than a couple of times. They don’t notice me. Why would they, they’re so focused on their hatred for each other that I doubt they’d notice a freight train if it barreled through the living room right now. I cower in a poorly lit corner watching. 

The entire room is pretty dark and the curtains are drawn shut. They probably don’t want the world to know what goes on in here. They probably think that if they hide their fights then nobody will know they exist. That everything is okay. Tomorrow when they open the drapes again and the sunlight pours into this house it will seem like tonight never happened. But it is happening. 

To see what I’ve seen, and hear the horrible shouting matches I’ve heard takes a lot more than a sunny day to forget. I wish I could get out of here. I sometimes cling to the windows staring out. Hoping for a chance, any chance of escape. It doesn’t come of course, how could it? I’m stuck here, with them. There is no escape for me. My whole body’s tense, ready to flee, wanting to flee. I don’t even know where I would go or how I would get there if I could escape. It has never entered my mind. 

Every night, It’s the same thing however, I can’t seem to move and I can’t take my eyes off them. I feel small, insignificant. They don’t notice me. They never notice me. They don’t even know I exist. I guess that’s a good thing. I hide in the same corner as last night and the night before. 

Maybe they’ll call it quits early tonight and leave the room. Leave me in peace. I doubt it though. He’s really yelling this time. She slapped him across the face a moment ago but that just made him madder, as if it was possible for him to do so. Wait, someone’s coming. It’s the big guy. Good, he’s picking up the black rectangle and pushing a button. The screaming couple disappears, the box they were in turns dark. He throws down the rectangle on the couch. Thank you, thank you so much. Oh no. I think he sees me. He’s coming over here. I think he has a newspaper in his han…SPLAT!

"Hey Ira."

"Did you turn off the TV, Bill?”

“Yeah. Guess what. I finally killed that damn fly.”

“Good. That thing’s been bothering me all week. Come and eat.”


Joseph R Sargent Shares...

Being an Air Force Brat, I have grown up oversees - Asia mostly - and been able to experience many different cultures and people which I feel has helped me with my writing. I've always enjoyed stories but didn't really become hooked by writing until about a year ago when I dicovered flash fiction and short story forms. I really enjoy being able to convey my thoughts and ideas to the reader in quick bursts. My stories can be viewed for free on

My first book is also due out early this year. It's a series of action adventure shorts that has received very good reviews titled Amanda Cross : Volume One. It will be available at

I live in Tampa Bay Florida with my wonderful, extremely patient wife Christina and our two terrific little boys Matthew and Joshua.

Escape is one of my first pieces of flash fiction and still one of my favorites. I wanted to show the reader that perspective is everything. An author can use - or choose not to use - key words in order to paint a picture for the reader. I thought it would be neat to change things up a bit at the end and show them the bigger picture. It's kind of like looking through a microscope. One gets an idea of what they're seeing but until they zoom out they really don't have enough information.