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Three from Oonah V Joslin

Catching the Wind




Dainty, yellow jasmine flower,


                                                      tiny fairy skirt,


twisting in the twilight air,

                                                     quite the little flirt.


Toying are you with the dark;

                                                     finished with the day?


Darting this way, flutt’ring that;

                                                      can’t you get away?


Star-struck in the gloom of dusk;

                                                      I see how you’re pinned;


Caught there on a spider-line,

                                                       a lure to catch the wind.





Haiku Housewife






Multi-tasking; cleans

in perpetual motion;

child-proof hopes and dreams.









The gorilla squatted

in a corner knitting

a pink scarf.

It amused



But the scarf was now

three metres

l o n g

testament to the fact that

the gorilla


had no idea


he was




a scarf




was not his colour


he looked ridiculous.


The keepers couldn’t work out

how you tell

a gorilla when

to stop.


Photo by Michal Zacharzewski

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