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From Crazy Diamond to Borrowed Light




Oonah Joslin




Facetious I may be at times;

but you have light

enough and light to spare, to share, to

see me shine.

The light you see is yours,

the surface mine.


You focus;


I scatter and reflect.


Maybe I will accumulate in time

enough wisdom to kindle,

like the star you are.

But unless a light be brought to it,

even a diamond cannot dazzle.

OONAH JOSLIN shares...

BIO: OONAH JOSLIN's work can be seen here: and Her work has shined  on Shine before here!

MOTIVATION:  A much respected friend of mine called me a 'crazy diamond' when I sought advice - I just need to be reminded about what I already knew. But isn't that often the case? We all need friends who will remind us what is right and true. Thank you, John.