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Julia Gordon-Bramer





Friend, we've been on this see-saw for so long. You knew getting on I'm bigger, and strong. How I loved to look at you up there, dangling, watching me! But I held you too long. You complained and complained and then called me names… I'm rubber, you're glue. So what was I to do, but jump and drop you?



The Merry-Go-Round was no better. There was no getting off, and, well, you know me. I like it full speed. Is it my fault you get sick?



I buried you in the sandbox. You were my treasure, my vampire, up from the grave. You counted every grain of time. Toughen up! What's a little grit in the teeth? Why did you have to open your eyes?



We had fun on the swings! At least, I thought we did. Why did you not enjoy me wrapping you in my forever chains and giving you a twirl? Why must you be such a girl?


And then, the terror of the down-slide. I must admit, it was fun to make you cry. I knew I was the only one tough enough. The only one you were scared of. The only one.



I know you are but what am I?





It figures you'd bring your mother in to settle this mess. Wa, wa, wa… She stood lecturing me and I didn't hear a word. It was like Charlie Brown's parents and I got bored. Who cares what the grownups think and say? I just like to play.



Anyway, I don't like you and I won't apologize. She does smell and she was wearing Army boots yesterday! I may be a bully, but you are the liar-liar-pants-on-fire. You told me I was your best friend forever. You told me that I mattered. And now you don't want to play.





JULIA GORDON-BRAMER's award-winning poetry and prose has or will soon appear in Rainy Day, Carve, Santa Fe Writers Project, Clemson Poetry Review, Moondance, Appleseeds, and more. She is author of a memoir, NIGHT TIMES, currently seeking publication and is in UMSL's MFA program for Creative Writing. JULIA teaches English at St. Louis Community College.


 JULIA says she had never been a bully until recently, when someone pushed her too far. Now she understands.  Email her at