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Killing Springtime by Peycho Kanev




Double withered weed sits at the edge of my heart,

like a empty bell that will toll no more – quietness,

vast and comprehensive absorb the sound of the sky,

my soul leap like a fish on the coast of the loneliness and

the hummingbird of the brain pours its hummingbird


It is winter now and all is so quiet outside.

We lie in the bed, so close and yet unbelievably remote,

watching the flames from the fireplace and listening to

the sounds of the burning wood, we wait now for you,


The sonatas of Hindemith subside into silence in the old

record-player and I try to bring back the life into our numb

limbs, I told you a story about the time when I lost a notebook

full of my best poems, written for you, but all that you answer

was silence.

I try to embrace you but I felt your cold body, I sense the deadness

of your bowels, the tears frozen on your face and I look through

the window. The snow continues to fall. Slowly and quiet.

Listen, darling.

The howl of the wolves.


Peycho Kanev's work has been published in Welter, The Catalonian Review, Off Beat Pulp, Nerve Cowboy, Chiron Review, Tonopah Review, Mad Swirl, Southern Ocean Review, The Houston Literary Review and many others. He is nominated for Pushcart Award and lives in Chicago. His new collaborative collection "r", containing poetry by him and Felino Soriano, as well as photography from Duane Locke and Edward Wells II is now available at

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