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The whole Circle


Whence blows the glow

lingering in between us but -

from rupture and healing,

to efface dividing lines,

gather the split-parted

to draw in frailness

a circle of wholeness?


What gleams and sparkles

the aura of encounters but –

the alloy of friendship,

the foundation of unity,

a ring poured of trust,

sparks of faith ignited,

incandescence awoken?


What yields the blossom

of your true essence but –

the deepest of devotion,

to fill broken threads,

braid them in strength

by a spiraling spindle,

to weave the fulllest bonds?





Sadly forgotten


Sadly remembered my trivial past

        sadly forgotten its subtle lessons


I remarked the stain on your bluish shirt

        mindless to my off-key tone


I peered at your flaws under focal light

    my somberness neatly concealed


I pledged for brotherhood and understanding

        in a fervent monologue speech


I marveled at the stars on a shiny pedestal

         overlooking the born torches


Of revolving loops of  – “what other said”

         I threw a bottle with a message


I poised over step-stones of a rushing river

       swayed and fell into its current


I followed a staked-out forest trail

            when I lost my inner bearings



The lost Handkerchief


My satin handkerchief,

embroidered with family letter initials

dropped to the marble floor,

yet I remained effervescent

with delightful desires,

imagining my perished piece

coming boldly rescued

and returned to me in person

by firm, delicate hands able to -

caress by eloquence,

effuse warmth of trust,

return brightness to a room

bereft of daylight,

fuse magnolia freshness to

an atmosphere of abandon.

make home a gleeful home,

a sojourn solemn in itself,

turn my incompleteness complete

in dreams turned real.

If I was sorry to have lost

my cherished handkerchief,

I hesitate to say.


BIO: Bjoern Larsen was born in Oslo, Norway on May 30th, 1968 and grew up in Swedish small town, yet in a multicultural environment, his mother being a native Norwegian and his father of German-Brazilian descent. Prior to the age of six, he had lived in 4 countries and spoke 3 languages. At an early age, Bjoern was confronted with diverse languages, climates and mentalities, which became a revolving motive in his life.

In 1989 to 2004, Bjoern Larsen was admitted to a Student Program at Gothenburg University. In 2004, he received a Master's degree in Business Administration and was later admitted to a one-year degree in International Management at the University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg. He thereafter commenced a career in the field of sales and marketing. Between 2003 and 2006, Bjoern Larsen worked in Virginia, USA in an expatriot assignment.

Since the age of sixteen, Bjoern Larsen was drawn to religious and esoteric teachings and attracted by metaphysical experiences. Over the years, he exchanged ideas with various spiritual groups. Larsen began writing poems as late as January, 2006, in a period marked by spiritual search and inner transformation. The themes of his poems are primarily intimate human relationships, the mysterious nature of being and the innate human quest for wisdom.


 1) Three questions guide you to the answer - complete your circle.

2) Human contrasts, the black and white in grey.

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Art: Billy Alexander

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