The Shine Journal - The Light Left Behind

Journeys Through Grief and Beyond


You May Not Know Me


Paula Lietz

I know the intimate smell of you
the curves and swells
I know the different textures of your skin
the velvet the callused

how your hair grows and where
I know your knee bothers you
I know what your teeth look like
the groove of your tongue

I know the colour and depth of your eyes
I know the shape of your fingers
the touch of your hard heat
I know your unspoken words
to my endless troubled thoughts

I know the strength of your back
and the weight it carried
I know your astounding kindness
the lilt of your laughter
I know the salt of your tears

I know and applauded your integrity
what we did not know was how
of the Alzheimer's disease would be
I spray my perfume upon your shirts
you may not know me now
but damn it you will my smell

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The Next Dance


Paula Lietz

I laid on the prairie the valley my view
the cathedral, cloud kissed skies
of gold and blue
stars the candles that lit my way
there was no death~ no not this day

I continued this dance not where I laid
but in my endless curiosity of you
there were no directions no steps set in stone

everything had a reason
not for us to untwine
we but one note in a score undone

from where I laid I heard the symphony play
and the encouraging voice that carried my way
ever so gently inquired, this dance if I may...

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Paula Lietz created not only the poems on this page, but also the art. 

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