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People I never spoke to again. by Halli Lilburn


When she realized who I was she said “I’m so sorry!  Sorry for spitting on you in high school”   That ex-basketball star with a tampon in her mouth.  He was that drummer shifting shoulders to a good beat?  Now fathering unknown children with sexy looks from behind the bar?  I knew he was a skinhead back then, but if he could be friends with a communist, I thought there was still hope.  Stopped at a light, beside me, the backseat of the taxi yelled my name like we used to be such good friends.  How could I like you now when I never liked you then?  Another boy with a close dance at the bar.  “What are you doing here?  I thought you were Mormon?”  Both of us so disappointed our friendship ended on the spot.  How could I convince him I wasn’t there to drink?  Once in the stair way between classes I got up the courage to speak.  “Hi”.  His good looks exhausted me. “Not right now, are you?” frozen, his response didn’t sink in.  ”What?” I heard the shock i n my voice.”Holy sh-- man, you need to chill out.” And that was it for courage and confrontation.  He was completely right.


BIO! I am an artist fighting a daily battle to defend this title.  I want to FEEL like an artist but it gets pretty darn hard when I'm folding laundry or scrubbing the tiolet.  No, I am not a slave - I am a mother.  It is a heavy price to pay, but worth it to witness my greatest creations enjoying my support and influence.  To contradict Davinci they are never finished and they are three pieces of art I will never abandon.  That said, I write two serperate styles: one my kids are allowed to read and one they aren't.  At least not for twenty years anyways.

Motivation: People... is a collection of things people said or did that ended our friendship.

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