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Love's Disciple
Richard Lung
Dorothy says, "I see things when I'm out with you."
In hushed excitement, I held still her shoulder
and pointed, down in the grass, at the trunk-
snuffler, whirling gyroscope biceps
for some patent digging machine.
But was the mole, that gave us such delight,
working the air with a worn dynamo?
Love's disciple fled in secret from his estate
to lose himself on the ocean
of the rolling Russian plains.
Old Tolstoy was put-up to end his days
at a little rail-way station,
whose box office attracted new motion pictures,
tho only hand-writing went thru the motions
of keeping to his life time-table.
Tunneling into manuscript, by the ream,
"Going smoothly," he confided in a dream.
On the spiritual journey of his life,
this waiting room was but a stop,
to and from we know not where.
His calling was literature
put his passing was poetry.

Bio: Richard Lung has been published in online and print publications, athologies and news-letters inckuding Pennine Platform (which previously published this poem),Poetry Now and Star*line.
Motivation: The eponymous Dorothy, a poet, motivated me to take up poetry seriously, after ten years lapse, in her freer, more flexible style, and making me pay attention to saying what I

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