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Airport Experience




Mark  Sibley





Six army strong, marched along

Eyes upon their mate

With both legs gone, rolling along

Honor in their gait.

The mob just died

All opened wide

turned and stiffened

With salutes and thanks

claps on their backs

Tears for the sacrifice given

His chin held high, pride in his eyes

His face stained with tears

Taken aback at the show

It softened the blow

Of the fate he’d now been given.

Did he believe here and now

Of what started it all

Was reasoned, was it just

The hell he’s been through

The friends that he knew

Were gone along with his trust.


MARK SIBLEY shares...

MARK SIBLEY is a an Executive Manager involved in materials handling and engineering, living north of Leesburg, VA, and has been writing what he calls "blurbs" and "stuff" forever. 

"My motivation was two-fold: submitting is due to my sister in law P.Marcille Sibley whose work was published in Shine September 2007. The piece itself is based upon a July 07 encounter at Dayton Airport as the mob rushed to our flights and lives."

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