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Tempestuous Teapot


Claire Mathieson

I wake
to the sight of a world
falling in on itself
in streaks of fluid motion,
visible only to the
discerning eye.
I hear
the rush of a vertical river,
the utter silence of
infinitesimal landings
joining to create
a cacophonous deluge.
A shuddering sigh of wind
sends the downpour spitting
towards me as I watch,
plastering a fall collage
to my blurry windowpane –
a spectrum of lime green
tabby orange
and sunset red leaves,
their thick veins bristling out
into star-sharp points.
I watch
as the impromptu masterpiece
slides south and disappears,
then I extract myself from the covers,
ready for my morning tea –
that tame, cup-bound blend
of dull leaves and silent rain.


Motivation: The onset of fall demanded written appreciation, as did a certain lovely hot drink.

Bio: Claire Mathieson has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area all her life but is currently going to school in Switzerland.  She has been published in Flutter Poetry Journal. She has been writing since age ten and has won National Novel Writing Month for the past three Novembers.  Her non-literary loves include travel, cats, and the consumption of mass amounts of tea.

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