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Megan Anne Metzelaar: Artist In Residence 2010 and 2011



Megan's bio and her work from 2010 appears on her archives page.

This section contains her lovely  work for 2011.

A Word From Megan...

"One of my favorite ways to beat gray winter days is with cut flowers. I guess I am a rescuer at heart, because I am usually drawn to the saddest, droopiest looking ones at the grocery store, the ones that look like they are about to get sent to the dumpster at any moment. I basically pick the ones that I think nobody else is going to buy. Usually with a little TLC at home, they perk up and show their stuff, even if only for a day or two, or just an afternoon. It always makes me smile to see them straighten their stems and turn their faces towards the sunny window."  




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