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Three From Mildred Mims



And This Is The Song My Voice Must Sing…




…that it is making me happy. I’m very

proud of my voice. I love to hear my

voice and it sounds very nice so far.

A lot of people  love to hear me sing.

Maybe one day I might become someone,

but today I love my life because God

gives me a second chance at life. So today

I love my life, but never forget when

I was in jail, that you can not forget.

But my life has changed. God chose

for me better my life. So far

I have done that.








 I’m in no mood to hear another lie. Before, when I was using, I lied. But today, with God in my life, I don’t have to do that.  I could have told you some good lies in the past, like I used to do when I was drinking and doing crack. I was telling lie after lie until I went to jail. I’m not that person anymore. I’m working on being honest today. I grew a lot when I was there. They had me going to school and meetings they had there. I learned how to read and write. This is what I can do with God in my life.







I remember when I was around ten, living in Duggan projects, they would bring  horses out there. It was a man named George Clark. He was a black man who had a lot of horses and he charged 25 cents to ride one of his horses. On Friday we all gathered around the truck, waiting for him to get out. We would get on the horses and the horse I was riding was okay at first.


The first time I rode a horse, it was funny. We went riding up on the hill, then the horse turned around. I didn’t know what to do. He was bringing me back, and he was going fast and he wouldn’t  stop. The owner had to come and stop the horse for me, because I didn’t know how. I was all right. But I never got back on a horse since then. The only way I would ever get on a horse again, is if  the owner was right there with me.

MILDRED MIMS shares...

"... I’m getting my life back in order today. I can say I’m clean today. I really had a bad life, but I’m doing well. For me, it’s one day at a time. At one point, I didn’t care about myself, because I didn’t have my kids in my life, and my mother had my son. But I could see him when I’m not drinking and drugging. Today I’ve got both of my kids in my life.


Today I can read and write. I had to leave from jail, so then I got out and I went to a year program called The Serenity Program. I stayed there for a year and then I got my own apartment in the back of the Serenity. I’ve got housing today. Come August I’ll be back for 3 years I’ve got God in my life today, and AA. I will be 5 years clean in November."