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An Early, Unexpected Goodbye
Dominique Miller
I woke up on Thanksgiving to a phone call that I never expected

I found out you were no longer here

and with no mother or father I felt neglected.

But after a while I realized that you left because you had to.

God said ďCome on homeĒ and thatís what you had to do

Now, it may be selfish, but I want you back.

We need to talk about more things; you canít just leave me like that.

However, itís at time like this when I get put in my place.

God said 2012 was your number, youíve run your race.

So, Iíll learn to let go while holding on to memories.

When the days get dark, Iíll use them to comfort me.

Tell daddy donít worry, Iím going back to school.

To give up after all you both sacrificed, Iíd be a fool.

So, Iíll let you go now but this wonít be the end.

When I go to sleep at night, Iíll see you again.

If Iím making a wrong decision, donít be afraid to step in.

Because you were always my mother first,

before you became my best friend.
Dominique Miller is a graduate student currently living in Chicago, Illinois. She lost both of her parents by the age of 24. She finds that writing helps her grieve.

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