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Three From Terry Miller


Life's Work
 my stack
 of stones
 was gathered
 by ones
 twos threes
 action's necessity
 and my
 compulsive nature
 to achieve
 to own everything


 rocks define
 by the course
 of their origins
 and the hardness
 of their edges
 as do many people 


 Left Then
 if there is
 a right now
 then there
 must be
 a left then
 "then" is
 where I've
 left you
 in love
 with me  
 and I you



Motivation For Each Work: Some of my fellow poets have worked on a "prompts" project and are in a friendly competition to see who can get their poem (or poems) published first.    

Bio: Terry Miller is a published and award winning poet from Fort Bend County, Texas.  His work has been published in "The Foundling Review", "The Seven Circle Press", "The Houston LiteraryReview", "The Edison Literary Review", "The Hanging Moss Journal", "Willow Tree Poems",  anthologies of the Gulf Coast Poets, Sol Magazine and other Texas publications.  In January 2010, his poem "The Diagnosis" will appear in the "Birmingham Arts Journal."  His first book of poetry,"The Day I Killed Superman",  will be released in 2010.  He is a member  of the American Academy of Poets, the  Poetry Society of Texas, the Gulf Coast Poets Society, the founder of the Fort Bend Poets Group and the Fort Bend County Poet Laureate Competition.  Terry is a professor of  eMarketing and holds an Innovation Fellowship at Kaplan University.

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