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Maureen Radoncic




What I Want My Words To Do To You




Millicent Jackson



I want my words to break your heart and mend it at the same time,

Pierce the parts of your soul you never knew existed,

Heal old wounds,

Erase present ones.

I want my words to show where I am

Where I have been

And where I am going.

I want my words to identify that I’m more than what meets the eye,

Expose my vulnerabilities,

Reveal my strengths.

I want my words to paint a picture,

A Monet or Picasso in written form.

I want my words to change the world,

Make it kinder,


Dissolve the hostility,

Break through the bitterness.

I want my words to always be true,

From the heart

And many as the sands of the beach.

I want my words to matter long after my pen lifts off the page,

My book is shut

And we are no longer together.



MILLICENT JACKSON is a fiction writer and facilitator with Voices From Inside. She has studied at The University of Massachusetts in Amherst as well as at Holyoke Community College. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in Today's Black Woman,  Peregrine, The Women's Times and Caroline Joy Adams's "The Power to Write."