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Minakshi Watts




Does Time flow, or do we flow


Through time ?


Is life a circle of winds, weaving and


Waving bright, like


The Northern Lights?



Words bound in rhymes and plots, spill


To free the mind


We live in aviaries, full and nill..


Captors and spectators


All inter-twined.



Does Time flow through us, or do we flow


Through Time?


Stars mingle to refresh the path,


Or, don’t they,


Einstein  ?



Do edges of the universe sing


With bells and cymbals




Does Time flow, or do we flow


Through Time ?



Is Here and Now a bend in time per hour ;


From where we re-enter,


Riding on new perceptions


Defying rhyme and


Reason ?



Does Time flow, or do we flow


Through time ?


Does Time move on,


Or coil up somewhere,


Darkly serpentine?











Minakshi Watts says she has been been writing for as long as she can remember. Her father was the one to encourage her during  childhood, typing out her little poems and sending them to national dailies.  Says Minakshi, "My first published poem was at the age of ten. Now I notice that my poems and paintings are becoming reflections of each other. If I can't find the words for something, I paint it and vice-versa. Not always to my satisfaction!"


"Does Time Flow was written after I had been reading up on Einstein's theory of the Relativity of time. It is also a way of questioning our existence in this vast universe; our smallness as compared to the huge mystery of life and time."  minnie.1012@ in is her email.