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To the Light


Hector Rafael Montes

So many times
The light darken the natural sight,
With its great shine…

But perhaps…

It is not really, the shine of illumination,
What closes our physical eyes
Opens the eyes of our soul?
Is it not the great shine of God’s Sun…
What wakes us in the morning?

There is a Light that shines
And there is another that makes us blind
Let’s be prudent

But I don’t think, that there is a light
That can make us blinder
Than the selfishness one
Like the human pride

Because the selfishness is something
That causes us
Not to see others
Only… ourselves

And also the pride is in some people
A Light that makes them blind

There is a Light that is personal
It has a very particular shine
In itself

And for some
There is no a brighter light
Like the one about their vanity
And that is a false light
A deceiving light

The so called light of infatuation

The Light of the truth
Is like the light of the splendor
The blazing Light of the divine soul
The Light that makes us strong
The light that clarifies and give us hope

There is no Light that dress us better
Like the Light of honesty
Of humility

The humble is sweet
Its personality is likeable
Its nobility is notable

The pride and arrogance
Rejects and repels
The selfishness isolates

Each one sees themselves in their own mirror
The way they want others to see them
In their world they are perfect
Not caring about their faults

But, God’s light
Is the one that discriminate
It shows our own identity
Without any mask.

Without... any disguise



HECTOR RAFAEL MONTES was born in Puerto Rico and moved to Massachusetts seven years ago. He has been writing since 2002.

MOTIVATION: "Life and love!"