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Three From Kerri Morris



Just a Dream

Crack the bottle shards of green glass

splinter by corners of my eye

like a film I saw while sleeping

Heard the sound of people weeping

or perhaps it was just the rain.

Behind the label is liquid

amber waves the life as it leaves

bubbles fizz for words left unsaid

spilling into parts of the head

Tastes like colors over my tongue

candy thick with memories that

smell like summers before, before

The top was popped, walked out the door.

Golden wings settle up above

amber waves the life as it leaves

champagne kisses are empty glass

Swallowed before me in a flash

or perhaps it was just thunder.

Toast the sip still wet on your lips

one to take the place of the last

remember the name you pray for

When day won’t settle any more

or perhaps it was just a dream.



 If there was no moon

stars would rain all night

splash against a tide

that forgot it's plight,

that forgot to glide

If there was no sun

and the wind was left

out beyond the shore

and there made a cleft

between sea and moor

that no sail could breach

no compass could guide

one would see by chance

with lost by her side

the pining swan's glance

If there was no break

after day.

Spider, Reclined


Talk of a day, the spider cried

legs of linen reclined

upon a weave of dreams, dried

Like grapes on a vine

And snoozing, not he slept

but watched with diamond eyes

as things below continually crept

without the kindness of reply

I need to recall, he whispered

as hands slid round the face

when trying to be heard

never means forever

To the tadpoles as they skated

in waters untouched, untried

or yellow-breasted foes that had not contemplated

any parasitic ponderings of their plight

Woe is he who tries to ease

by the telling of his tale, the burden

of the web all will cast out into the breeze

and so spin anew upon the tree top

Past wintry springs

and silvery gold

that spider did sing and gathered his strings

his trinkets of woven wisdom.

Such wisdom was his sigh

with a breath the thread spent

set to flutter and fly

and carried away on moonbeams, he went.

I am married and a mother of two girls.  I work part time, spend the other half managing my home and driving my kids around!  It makes me wonder how I have ever had time to write!  It is a scribble on a sticky note here and a text to myself there, and somehow these poems come together that I am proud to have breathed life into. 


Just a Dream-I lost a very close friend of mine to a violent crime.

Compound-This one is actually again somewhat related to the loss of different loved ones and being the one left behind, the half left of what is supposed to be a pair.

Spider, Reclined-My motivation for this one was aging.

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