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Two From Ms. Booher



The first time I fell off my bike,
I saw red.
When my sister fell off her bed when we were little,
I saw red.
I think about my mom and dad fighting,
I see red.
I think about my dad being upset with me,
and I see his red face.
When I put the needle to my arm,
all I remember is red.
Red is the color of pain to me.
Though red isn’t dark,
it reminds me of all the dark places I’ve been.


My mind is always wandering, it’s like a constant whisper. Sometimes it’s positive thoughts- most of the time it’s negative. Something’s trying to break my spirit. Why? I keep resisting, trying to rise but I continually fall. I seek wholeness, and I want to find the love I know inside I have, or can have. I need it. For a long time in my life I didn’t care. I played the victim, and on one hand, I thought the world was revolving around me, on the other, I didn’t matter because I was just one little person in this huge world. I need to put my past in the past and move on. The worst is over, or at least it can be. It’s up to me. I hope I make it. What should I do?

Motivation:  As part of a VFI workshop, writers are encouraged by a safe, confidential environment to take the risk of self-expression.  Through the camaraderie of the group, participants find a common understanding and a mutuality of respect and forgiveness.

Bio: Ms. Booher lives in Westfield, Massachusetts with her grandmother. She likes to paint, play with animals, listen to music and let her inner child and imagination shine! She recently has started to write to relieve stress. Sometimes she likes to pretend she is a cat.

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