The Shine Journal - The Light Left Behind

Journeys Through Grief and Beyond

Sirius Shines On
Eira Needham

My scented candle flickered through the gloom
to usher me. I knelt beside you, plumped
soft pillows underneath your head, then slumped
as lavender aroma filled the room.

With duvet spread across a dozing frame,
old eyelids fluttered when I gently stroked
your freckled face. I tried to speak, but choked
on my farewell and sputtered out your name.

Fond reminiscences of youthful days --
a life aglow with energetic zest;
effulgence dimmed to soothe your soul to rest.
My goodbye kiss was whispered through a haze

of biting sorrow, for your spark had gone,
a burnt out form remained. I blazed with grief.
New light appeared as tears gave some relief.
Outside an avian chorus welcomed dawn.

In dreams you scamper though the fields, my star
you dazzle still. Remembering that night
I feel the poignancy of loss ignite,
yet sense your cherished essence from afar.
Eira Needham lives in Birmingham UK with her husband and Dalmatian Max. She began writing poetry in 2002. Her Poetry has become eclectic and been published in print and online. Recent publications include The Smoking Poet, Flutter Journal and Green Silk Journal.

Contact Editor: Pamela Tyree Griffin

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