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Nga Truong



Twinkle twinkle little girl
Don’t be afraid of this cruel world
You might hear pain
You might feel sorrow
But all that will fade
When times comes tomorrow
Now up above the world so high
When people live, then people die
Twinkle twinkle little girl
Just don’t be afraid of this cruel world
When you are scared
And all alone
Just be prepared
One day you will go home.

Motivation: As part of a VFI workshop, writers are encouraged by a safe, confidential environment to take the risk of self-expression.  Through the camaraderie of the group, participants find a common understanding and a mutuality of respect and forgiveness.

Bio: Nga Truong is from Worcester, MA.  She was raised by a single mother and has four brothers.  Her passion is writing and, through writing, discovering herself and her feelings.  She is currently incarcerated, but hopes to one day go to college and pursue writing.  She has been previously published in TSJ.

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