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Nicole Pulliam



In my house there’ll ever be


A type of unsolved mystery


Her sister’s memory is foggy


As my daughters eyes go soggy


I will be her hero.




We search high and low


We just have to know


A torn sequined gown


A final clue is found


Staring back at me.




A patch of blond hair


Peeking out of the chair


Requires investigation


Another funeral, oh what fun


A service I’ll perform




I hope

She hopes

“It can’t be true”




I gently tug the yellow strand


The suddenly inside my hand


A pitiful sight for me to behold


A victim’s story must be told


Barbie is no more



Nicole Pulliam Shares...

"I'm a busy mom to six kids, assorted snakes, a Tegu lizard and couple of dogs. I am currently (and temporarily) a stay at home mom. Being home has allowed me some more time to focus on a love of mine. Writing. I live smack dab in the middle of the US, in Kansas. I am from the Pacific Northwest though, and that's always my first "home". I love this journey of life we're on. " 


 And what motivated her to write this poem? "My life experiences. I have three little girls. They own a multitude of "Barbies" in varied states of disarray. Some missing hair, some missing heads, some with chewed up feet, some even with Marker for Makeup. I have found it's a universal thing. I even have a friend overseas who says her daughter's Barbie's are uncontrollable nudists. I thought that just about anyone with daughters could relate."