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Leaving Home




Oonah Joslin



You leave a little more behind each time you leave. 

You leave your teddy bear or heart

the home of childhood for the student pad;

the bed you sleep in for the bed you share. 


And each front door that closes

leaves a, ‘where I used to live,’ behind,

and each new phase

ends and begets some friendship. 


You refurnish your mind

adjust your ways,

until another time comes

to move on. 


A flotsam of possessions follows you from home

to house, from room to empty room.  You regret

the broken and discarded place

another little stone on the cairn.


All the boxes of your life presage

corporeality until

they begin to hold those

who are, ‘taken home’. 


Letting go of things rehearses the day

you must leave

everything behind and you ask 

is that leave-taking  

going home at last?

OONAH JOSLIN shares...



OONAH V. JOSLIN has recently left a teaching career spanning twenty eight years to concentrate on writing.  She began writing poetry at the age of eleven and has recently moved into flash fiction and short stories.  She she is also working on a first novel. You may learn more about Oonah and her work  here: