The Shine Journal - The Light Left Behind

Journeys Through Grief and Beyond

Nina K. Orlovskaya

When I was a child, I found a dead bird and attempted to bring it back to life.

I wrapped it in my favorite pink sweater and hid in my room until the stench

called my mother’s attention. We buried the bird together, somewhere far. She

knew the back yard was not a safe place. I cried, holding my mother’s hand to

my face…

then I understood death, the meaning of never again, an ultimate loss.

At that time all was clear, a clean split

between the dead and the living,

between hope and loss,

between pain and happiness…

But what do you know, when you sense the breath of death for the first time,

when the first loss in life separates you with the world, when you are curled

into a circular solitude.


Nina K Orlovskaya, writes and translates poetry and flash fiction in English, 
Russian and Ukrainian. She has been published in Contemporary World Poetry
Journal. Currently she is a part time business owner and a full time poet.



Contact Editor: Pamela Tyree Griffin

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