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Two From Rhonda Parrish



Not So Smart




"Her face could launch a thousand ships, but her personality would sink them."


"What does that even mean?"


Eric rolled his eyes at me, and I, as always, bit back my reply.  We were sitting on the front steps of my house watching Stephanie wash her new car.  It was almost as gorgeous as she was; a brand new black Viper that had been a sweet sixteen present from her father.


There were a lot of things to like and admire about Eric, he was, after all, my best friend for a reason, but those things did not include anything resembling humility.


"I've lived across the street from her since we were four," I said.  "You can't believe all the rumors you hear, they're mostly lies started by jealous girls."


"I don't know why you're always defending her Steve," he snarled.  "She's just a Jezebel."


There it was, another reference he thought made him sound smart.  If he was really as smart as he thought he was, he might have noticed my eyes weren't on Steph, but on her older brother.  Tanned, blonde, and a football player, Jared was every bit as much of a wet dream as his sister.


If Eric had noticed and if he'd asked, I might have told him about how Steph caught Jared and I together last year and kept our secret.  I might have told him about how Jared and I drifted apart but Steph and I became secret confidantes, far away from the judgmental gazes and gossiping tongues at school.  If he'd noticed, I might have told him, after all he was my best friend, but he didn't.


He's not as smart as he thinks he is.


"Every rumor has some basis in fact, Steve.  Actually—"


I stood up and crossed the street, ignoring his words.


"Nice car Steph, you want a hand with the rims?"








fuels my day.
Caffeine pumps through my veins
keeping me wired and awake.
I may not be able to sleep at night
but that is just the price I pay,
the cost of worshipping
my deity -


RHONDA PARRISH doesn't much like writing her biography, which is funny because she loves writing just about anything else.  She lives in Edmonton,Alberta, Canada with her wonderful husband, exceptional daughter and their zoo and writes every chance she gets.  Rhonda can be found on the web at  


"I was sitting in a playground watching my daughter enjoy herself and thinking about the word ‘launch’ because it was the word of the week at NaNoLJers 

Suddenly a gaggle of giggling girls appeared with a group of teenage boys close behind. One of the girls was very pretty but my impression of her was that she was loud, shallow and a few brain cells short of a dozen. After some thought I realized I was being exceptionally judgmental and thus, “Not So Smart” was born.  As for Coffee... its inspiration is exactly what you’d think  "


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