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House, But Not A Home


You left me all alone,

like a house that’s not a home.

Homes are built of love and joy,

children’s laughter and yards with toys.

A house is made of wood and stone,

It’s empty of feeling, vacant and alone.

Both have four walls, this much is true –

but one is incomplete – like me, without you.









“You can’t shelter her forever, dear,” Myrtle chided, tapping her teaspoon on the side of her cup before laying it down.


“I know.” Carol sighed and sipped her tea.  “I just think a bit longer is a good idea.”


“She is sixteen now – you have to let her grow up sometime.”


“I know, and I’m not sheltering her because I want to hold her back – it’s just that she’s so clueless sometimes.”


Myrtle chuckled, and set her teacup down with a soft clunk.  “I’m sure you exaggerate, dear.  She gets straight A’s in school and has never been in a lick of trouble.”


“I know, but still…” Carol’s words trailed off and she looked out the window. 


Myrtle broke the comfortable silence after several moments and another mouthful of tea. “Well then, what do you mean she’s clueless?”


Carol thought for a moment.  “Do you remember just last week when Don and I went out for dinner and a movie?”  Myrtle nodded and she continued.  “Well, we left her home alone.  Like you said, she is sixteen; you’d think she could stay home by herself for a few hours and not get into any trouble, right?  Well, when we got home from the movie she met us by the door.  She was very excited about something, you could see it in her face.  So we asked her what happened, and you won’t believe what she said.”


“What?” Myrtle leaned in closer.


“With a perfectly straight face, and in absolute sincerity, she looked us in the eye and said, we had an obscene phone call tonight!  The guy didn’t talk at all; he just sorta breathed funny for five whole minutes!”


Her story complete, Carol sat back in her chair, watching the expressions change on Myrtle’s face.  Finally, Myrtle nodded in agreement. 


“Maybe you ought to shelter her – for just a while longer.”

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