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Alison Pearce





Japanese Garden



Lanterns and paper cranes

Silk flowers in a glass vase

Cherry blossoms in bloom 

Still waters, mirrored surface

Golden Koi gliding beneath


Arched bridges span

Serene points of symmetry

Graceful nature, made


Deep lake of tranquility

Lily pads of  emerald grace


White sand and pebbles

Lush colours of the foliage

Balanced and pure


Star of lotus blossoms shine

On liquid pools of beauty


Tea ceremony

Ancient customs still retained

Harmony within


The quiet pleasures surround

A hidden island of calm


© Alison Pearce  

Bio: Alison Pearce is an Australian writer and poet. Her work has appeared in several magazines and ezines including "Poetry Canada", "Bright Light Multimedia" and right here on "Shine"


Motivation For Work: "Japanese Garden" is an oriental form of poetry known as a renga which is composed of several tankas. Inspired by this format, I have tried to convey the sense of peace and tranquility within a Japanese Tea Garden in this piece.