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J W REED Shares...


"My first camera was a Contax 139 Quartz 35 mm SLR camera that was purchased in 1983 with money that had been saved from my paper route. My father had encouraged me to get this wonderful camera, because for all of his adult life he has had a love for photography. With his tutelage, my picture taking skills got better and so did my love for this hobby.


Today, photography is a passion of mine, and every time that I look through the lens of my camera I try to see the masterpiece that could be had. I am truly not much with words, so I try to let the lens of my camera do the talking for me. Unfortunately, I do not have any published photographs at this time. But I am striving toward that goal. I do have some of my works posted at Better and also at


If people are moved to happiness, sadness, or serenity then I have done my job as a photographer. I strive to become a professional photographer in every picture that I capture, and the learning process is never ending in this journey called life."