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Charles Pitter



We crashed in and out of love
(Or you crashed out of love with me)
I was expectant of you
And you thought the worst of me
Or yourself maybe

Pregnant, I remember you
Close to me in bed
Warm and motherly
Producing heat 4 three

Crying, I remember you
As I drove you home from the hospital
I held your hand thinking we shouldn’t have
Taken that hard cold decision

Laughing, I remember you
At my kitchen table drunk
You winked and sparkled at me
And then dramatically fell to the floor

Quietly, I remember you
Lying under blankets and sheets
Whispering that your favourite Saturday nights
Were listening to the radio with me

Freckled, I remember you
Stretched out on the beach
Golden and beautiful absorbing the sun
That fell on you so carelessly

Your tan deepened in hope
Of more attention and love
And I trembled quietly in fear wondering
Whether beauty is an achievement

Or whether it is just what it is
Because we were just what we were
In love wildly, erratically, momentarily
I was with you

Motivation: Passion

Bio: Charles Pitter is a lawyer living in Jersey, Channel Islands. He has a degree in English and French literature from Middlesex and Paris VIII Universities. He's been publised by mediavirus,  ink sweat & tears and underground voices."


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