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Two Poems by Shellly Wiseberg



Ghostly Child



Ghostly child

peering through

foggy mist

watching from afar

from another dimension

 in Another era

from another place

drifting through time

caught in between worlds

towards spirit light

of beacon bright

shining on her

the way to go home.


She lingers on

from dusk until dawn

floating through air

searching for her mother

who was lost at sea

from long ago

entity from eternity

forever lives on

in her daughter’s ghostly heart.


Free her from the earthly plane

into the spirit world

where she belongs

in finding peace

rather than remain

in limbo state

away from her mother’s

loving embrace.





Goddess of Nature


Sea nymph

of oceans deep

mystic in light

hidden in night

honest and pure in thought

messenger from the universe

life lessons of angel wisdom

spreading word with fluttering wing

watching over us

with emotional flow

rippling waves of heart beat

in waters deep

beneath the core of existence.


Fairy tales in myth

of stories told

from another time in fantasy

beyond the shores

of pearl and shell

tests us in time

to learn and listen

from nymph of reason

protecting mankind

with worldly knowledge

of futures told in advance

from the goddess of nature.



 SHELLY WISEBERG is a published author of four books of poetry, written from her own personal viewpoints on a variety of subjects. Her collection of poetry speaks from the heart and soul of one on the path of healing oneself spiritually and looking inward for the answers through listening to one's inner voice; using intuition as your guide.

Shelly lives in Montreal Quebec, Canada with her husband Tom and their two cats.

You may see her other SHINE! work here and here. Her email address is



"I was inspired to write Goddess of Nature from a movie I watched called Lady of the Water. She was sent down to the earth plane as a messenger to mankind and new of predictions and  fate of others...
Ghostly Child is about a mother and daughter who are searching for one another  and  caught in between worlds trying to reconnect one last time... before both going to the light together in each other's embrace."