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Carrots Considered by T.C. Powell


Unique as people
Arrayed in the market bin
Hard, matured, crusty as a veteran
Or mild, culled from the nursery
Buried in bent, twisted bodies
What a universe is a carrot
This one heaven-honeyed
That one rich, earthy
Gritted with soil
The sweetest part
That inner vein
An orange soul
In bunches


T.C. Powell starves full-time and is a freelance writer on the side.  He has had fiction published by the UC Santa Cruz literary journal Chinquapin, Flash Fiction Online, and he was selected as a semi-finalist for the 2009 Writers of the Future Contest.  A new short story, "Love Guaranteed," is scheduled to be published in June '10 by New Myths.
His woeful web presence can be found :

As part of a self-imposed diet (I've lost ~50 pounds over the last year and a half), I've eaten a lot of carrots.I found myself musing on them one day, and how distinct they were from one another, and... well... wrote this poem. :) This poem was previously published by The Christian Science Monitor.

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