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 John Pupo





Escaping the Night



A sunshine smile

equals a thousand unspoken words

brandished by complacency,

tethered between Doc Martins.


Awkward movements and jutting angles

as arms outstretch and wrap behind

your Old World Spaniardesque hair,

resting finally at your ruffled skirt.


Moments fragmented by time,

anxious to be captured

and encapsulated

through alcohol soaked membranes.


Swaying hips

brushing backbeats and variegated tempos

only coming to a standstill

with the silence of closing time.


©John Pupo




John has been stuck in a life of retail for over 10 years. Besides the yearning for breaking free, he feels that he needs to answer to the bouts of creativity that swell up inside him.




Escaping the Night - A view into the night of a possibly drunken narrator as he/she ventured into a club.