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Two From Casey Quinn



in a thunderstorm
rain water runs
from the roof
to the gutters
and if i was a healthy man
who knew how to vent
it would end there
the gutters would 
drive the rain 
to where it belonged
and dispense of it
along the roof
to the edges 
where it would go down and out 
away from the house
causing no damage -
just pass on by
now with twigs 
and leaves overfilling the gutters

the normal maintenance required 
to remain sane
never performed
the rain has no place to go 
and so hard drops pour off the edges 
and pound the foundation
puddles -
muddies the yard -
on the roof 
they work their way 
into the flashing -
get inside my mind -
causes a leaky ceiling. 




a man and woman


 walk along a sidewalk talking

 in a foreign language


 and the man in front of the two

 looks back annoyed and says

 you live in

 my damn country

 you should learn to speak

 my damn language


 and the lady walking

 a few feet behind the couple

 thinks to herself

 the language they speak

 is so beautiful,

 so wonderful

 how the words sound

 i am going to sign up

 for that language course

 when i get home tonight


 and i like to think

 the couple speaking in

 the foreign tongue

 are saying

 to each other

 what a wonderful world

 we live in.



Motivation: I like to write about what I see around me;  Things that happen in the bland day to day.

Bio: Casey Quinn writes prose and poetry. His  second poetry chapbook Prepare to Crash was released by Big Table Publishing in November 2009.

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