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An Uncomplicated Man




Diane Racine



An uncomplicated man,
sweet and unassuming.
Birth deficits limiting
independence and sophistication.

There with his family
in my exam room,
sitting nervously.
Unfamiliarity rampant.

Eyes wide,
like a deer
caught in headlights.
Color disturbingly ashen.

He rubs his side in pain.
Questions, probing
to the source.
Sudden retching.

Walking with deliberation
to the exam table,
corrective shoes on his feet
like bulky platforms.

EKG a picture
an unwanted
trough of lines.
Possible ischemia adding
urgency to the air.

911 called.
As paramedics arrive,
more fear mounting,
in those innocent eyes.

Loaded onto the stretcher.
Trembling, trying to smile.
Reassurance by family,
they will stay by.

Then out the door
towards hospital care.
The office staff return
to those that remain.


BIO: Diane Racine lives in the NW with her husband of 37 years. She is also mother to a 29 year old son. She has a passion for gardening, quilting, digital photography, writing, genealogy, reading, music and enjoys watching an eclectic assortment of movies. She writes because she must since recently finding her writer's voice while also trying to balance her busy life which includes her work in the medical field, volunteering and her hobbies. She has published works in regional newspapers and an anthology for caregivers.

MOTIVATION:  About a patient of mine, witnessing the fear and bewilderment.

Photo by:Jyn Meyer

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