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Two Works By Rhonda Parrish




A castle of sand
is quite pleasant to the eye
until the tide comes.






"WMDs sir?"

"Exactly. He’s a madman with weapons of mass destruction, so we need to make a pre-emptive strike."

"You’re sure he has WMDs?"

"Absolutely, he has them and the will to use them. We need to invade."


"There are no WMDs, sir."

"Not even one?"

"We’ve had boots on the ground for months and haven’t seen any."

"Well, that’s not why we invaded anyway."

"It’s not?"

"No. We invaded to liberate the people from a dictator and spread democracy."

"Spreading democracy sir? Not WMDs?"

"Of course not! That’s what I’ve been saying all along, haven’t you been paying attention?"





RHONDA PARRISH doesn't much like writing her biography, which is funny because she loves writing just about anything else.  She lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with her wonderful husband, exceptional daughter and their zoo and writes every chance she gets.  

                                       RHONDA can be found on the web at and at her writing group:  In additon, her work has been accepted by over a dozen publications. RHONDA 's work has  previously appeared on SHINE and  you may read it  here.

Motivation: I'm not sure where the inspiration for "Sandcastle 5"  came from -- I was just struck one day with the image and the idea of using a sandcastle as a metaphor for love. I wrote 5 poems based on that idea -- hence the title.

And the other poem? I think we can figure what motivated its creation.