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Rhonda Parrish


Katya hung her blonde head while tears coursed down her sunken cheeks. "I know I've given you a hard time because we don't share DNA – I've been an ungrateful brat and always made things difficult."

A solitary tear trickled out of her eye and captured a sunbeam which made it sparkle like a liquid diamond. "I'm sorry. It doesn't take DNA to make a father, it takes love. You gave me that – not him." She sniffed, and looked down at the freshly dug earth. "I love you too, Daddy, I just wish I'd told you before it was too late."


(***This short short was first published in the excellent  journal , Long Story Short.)



Rhonda Parish Shares...

Rhonda Parrish doesn't much like writing her biography, which is funny because she loves writing just about anything else.  She lives in Edmonton,
Alberta, Canada
with her wonderful husband, exceptional daughter and their zoo and writes every chance she gets.  Rhonda can be found on the web at   Rhonda says, "My writing group was challenged to write a drabble about the idea of 'Fatherhood' and this is what I came up with.  I was thinking about my stepfather, Clark, when I wrote it though thankfully he's still with us.  I dedicate it to him, and all stepparents the whole world over -- their jobs are difficult and so often they are unappreciated."