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I come from


Yvette Rodriguez

I come from the streets
From the powder, the rock, the fiends that we beat
From the dust, the E, the dope and the weed
From the different variety born from the seed
I come from the block
Faking the funk to keep the shit on lock
From corner to corner dodging the pop
From hop and a jump as I run from the cop
I come from the smoke filled halls
From the color filled can, I tag names on the walls
From 2 for 15 or one on the front
From the eyes on those who bust a stunt
I come from the fist
From the push, the dare, the cry and the piss
From the scratch, the stab, the fall and the stomp
From the bruise and the shattered, the crutch and the lump
I come from the swag, from the 18 kt, the imp and the sag
From the J’s and the Tims
Laced ice on the rims
From the 68 Cam
To the bass in the jam
I come from the funk, from the Ed Hardy jeans and the junk in the trunk
From the Iverson braids
To the deuce in the space from the smoke in the goddy to beam me up Scotty
I come from the flesh, from the could and the stars, from the strength of the quest
From the thunder and lightening
To the mist of the rain to the joy that God brings that pumps blood through my vein.
I am who I am and what I don’t want to be and someday I will find who I am supposed to be.

Motivation: As part of a VFI workshop, writers are encouraged by a safe, confidential environment to take the risk of self-expression.  Through the camaraderie of the group, participants find a common understanding and a mutuality of respect and forgiveness.

Bio:Yvette Rodriguez is originally from New York City.  She enjoys drawing, writing and all kinds of sports.

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