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Playing God




Sarah Ann Watts




Today the little one


came home from school


and said that he was playing God


in the school play.


I asked him was he sure


he’d got that right?


It seemed a very big role


for one so small to play.


He looked at me,


twin imps of mischief


kindling in his eyes


and smiled his enigmatic


cherub smile.


Later I thought


It wasn’t altogether strange.


It was a role that he was


born to play.


One he perfected


from the moment of his birth

when we drew near to worship


at his crib.


And I remembered


in the cheerful pagan days


the child Eros


loosing his barbed arrows


stealing hearts like ours


before the gods fell out among themselves


leaving this world, disgruntled


and the one who stayed


grew old and grey alone.


He said


There is no other god but me


And so it was




Then I thought


Perhaps there was some truth


to his childish misconception after all.


Knowing that he held


our heaven and hell


between his hands.



SARAH ANN WATTS lives in Beverley, East Yorkshire. Her work has appeared in ‘Bewildering Stories,’ ’The Hiss Quarterly’, ’Apollo’s Lyre’, ‘Flashshot,’ ‘Mytholog,’ ‘The Future Fire,’ ‘Crimson Highway,’ ‘Whispers of Wickedness,’ ‘Neon’ and ‘Twisted Tongue.’

"The poem was written for a Christmas challenge for my poetry group - Subtle Flame in Beverley."

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