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Daydream by Matthew Schirtzinger


"No! Wolf!”

A scream ripped from Jeremias's throat as he watched his brother, Markoff the Wolf, fall under the steady tide of goblins. He choked back a sob at Wolf’s figure under the swarm of green-skins and readied his most powerful spell. As he started to chant, arcane symbols swirled around his staff and above his head, glowing like a storm of fireflies. The goblins flinched and screeched to each other in their guttural jabberwocky. Tears streamed down Jeremias’ face, soaking the neck of his cloak, as he prepared to unleash the stream of energy that would liquefy–

“Jeremy! Markie! Time for lunch!” Jeremias the Great sighed and put down his staff. He scampered inside, his brother close behind, leaving a mess of whiffle bats and action figures on the lawn.

The goblins would wait until after lunch.


BIO! Matt is a student at the University of Notre Dame and hopes to graduate with a B.S. in Science Preprofessional (a fancy way to say Pre-med) and Anthropology. Eventually, he wants to become an M.D.

Motivation: This was a whimsical take on childhood, that I was challenged by a friend to write in under 150 words.

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