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It Takes Leaving


Dawn Schout


In a crowd of red,
eager faces in stark
contrast to his own, she lost him.

There are no fireworks
at this game, just a hot
dog launcher that rains
down ketchup, buns, meat.

He never held
her hand, followed
instead of led.
Asked her once if she ever
wrote a poem about him.
She didn’t feel
guilty saying no.

In a silent car outside
a crowded building, blinking red
lights splashing on wet
pavement, he lost her.
She didn’t think
he would fight
to keep her.

He finally made it
into one of her poems.
He’ll never know.

Bio: Dawn Schout won first place in the 2008 Lucidity Poetry Journal Contest, and her work has appeared in Breadcrumb ScabsFlashquake, Fogged Clarity, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Halfway Down the Stairs, Tipton Poetry Journal, and other publications.

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