The Shine Journal - The Light Left Behind

Journeys Through Grief and Beyond



John Scott

Eva called me on the telephone.

“Wait for me,” she said,

“I’ll go with you to the highest hill.

We’ll watch the sunlight

leave the earth from there.”

I waited but she never came.

She was almost here,

pedalling along the country road.

I don’t know if she saw the car

speeding around the bend

or if the driver of the car saw her

but neither could avoid

the coming together

of the car’s hard frame

and Eva’s fragile form.

For Eva and for me the sunlight

left the earth from the country road

instead of from the highest hill.

John Scott says, "The Journal's theme of loss, I think, is important. If we can rationally accept the loss of loved ones, we are not diminished. Rather, through grief our lives are eventually strengthened and enlarged. Reading how others cope with personal tragedy helps us face our own futures."

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